Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to the farm!
The life of me...


The pictures aren't pretty...

Since the last I posted, so much has gone on...We (my mother, step father, son and his friend) went on vacation only to come home to my mother and step father getting very sick and both landing in the hospital.  The flight was just too much for them.  I am very glad that they are both very much better! 
Four weeks later, the house is really moving along. I have had electrical and plumbing work done.  The library in completed and the rooms are being painted. 
The huge project was the asbestos removal in the basement.  We had over 200 sq. feet on all the pipes.  The company came out and even though I thought the job was complete, when the state came out to look at their work, the asbestos removal company had to come back to do a re-do of the job.  Apparently, the first time they came out, it wasn't cleaned enough, now, the job is complete and I don't think the basement has ever looked so good for a partially dirt basement, built in 1730. 

The white wrapping on the pipes is the asbestos. 

 Not only did I not know what asbestos was, a builder had to tell me.  It was falling down too. A huge hazard.
 Creepy!! We have the added bonus of lots of cobwebs!
 All cleaned!

This may seem like nothing to a lot of people, but it's huge to me~Moving into the farm with my granddaughter and all my pets, I just want to make sure the house is as safe as possible!

Happy Cleaning!



Jazzi said...

WOW!! That looked like a lot of work. I cant even imagine. I am glad things are moving right along now and that everyone is feeling better again!!

Diana and Jazzi

Max Mom said...

A lot of work indeed and always disconcerting when there are workers around. May your "new" lodgings go from strength to strength. Asbestos isn't something to play around did good.

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