Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to the farm!
The life of me...


Renovations are moving along...

The renovations are moving along...this old house is now getting a whole new look!! My Mom and Bernie have lived alone for 30 plus years and have accumulated a lot of stuff!!  I'm a clean freak so I'm in the process of cleaning out, organizing, and painting.  

So far, I have had the electrician in and put in several plugs and a new light in the hallway so that Bernie has more light.  I am having the asbestos removed from the basement next Thursday..more pictures to follow...the front hallway is being done over, plumbing is being fixed and my old bedroom is being repainted...

 The old pine floors are still in good shape!
 Lots of stuff..all put away now...
 More stuff...again, all put away, it's been hard cleaning because my Mom doesn't like to get rid of her stuff so I just cleaned it and put the items in their place.  The items that were old and stained, I threw out.  If her things had some life to them still, I just packed it up and put it away.
 My old wallpaper...My mother wallpapered my room when I was about 10 years.  I remember because it was a surprise and I over heard my parents talking about it and I was so upset that my surprise was not going to be a surprise!! It's funny the things I remember, but I still love this wallpaper! Happy Memories...

 Wallpaper is gone and because of the horse hair walls, the guys had to put up sheet rock.
The old radiators work!  I happen to love the moist heat!!

So much work but I love every little bit of it!  I can't wait to move in! 

Happy Cleaning!



Diana said...

Hey Deb,
Its been awhile LOL
LOVE the old house and it is looking good. I hope you saved a piece of the wallpaper so you could make a cool momental picture with it since it was so special to you?
We have radiators too and yes, I LOVE them and their heat.

Keep up the good work and you will love the results in the end even though right now ti seems like a TON of work. How are the dogs doing??


Diana said...

And oh Yah!! I LOVE the pedistal bed. My grandma had some of those and I would love to have one too!!


Diana said...

OH no!! ROFL I forgot that you are really in that bad snow!! Gee... mine seems like peanuts LOL ANd think of how many more original snowflakes!!
I will keep watching the house reno. Take care and keep warm up there in the frozen tundra!! LOL


Mrs. JP said...

You had me at hello as they say,,,the first picture of that beautiful old house with two chimneys. I swerve to see those as we have lots in our part of the country and I hate to see them go vacant or in dis-repair. So you go girl! It's going to be great.

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