Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to the farm!
The life of me...


Crazy as it may sound, every day from now to....

the winter solstice, I am going to post a picture of this tree...This is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen.  You will see it turn a beautiful color of red, then you will see it covered in snow. 
To back up the story (10 years), when my kids were younger than they are now, I should say they were not driving...I would drive by this tree and stop and have them look it in the fall.  So beautiful.  I happen to see it turning colors a few days ago and I thought, why not show this tree off!  I am so super busy with life like all of you, but this tree is on the way to my Mom's and I am going to stop every day to smell the flowers...or in this case, to look at this tree...crazy, no, just nice.
Blessings to all who should take the time out to look at trees! 


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Goose Hill Farm said...

I am looking forward to watching the leaves turn! :D



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