Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to the farm!
The life of me...


50 questions....

Me...Mom, where are the tea bags?

Mom... what tea bags?

Me...They are gone!

Mom...I don't know, who took them?

Me...That was my question!!

Sometimes its a daily conversation on what happened, where did it go, how do you feel???  You never really get a good answer but the great part on the most part Mom is always happy.

After a day in the hospital yesterday because she fell, she doesn't remember how...her IV line is messy so I had to take her to the ER for six lovely hours!  She thanked me last night for being so kind.  I said even though I complained all day about the long wait.  She said thank you anyways....Hmmmmm, maybe I should stop complaining...Life is good and it could be way worse!

Mom has dementia or early onset of Alzheimer's.  Either diagnosis her memory is not as good as it use to be.

Have a great day my friends.



This is how I feel!! How do you feel?

This is how I feel, a colorful, crazy fun, kid!  OK, I'm not a kid, I'm her Mya, AKA grandma!  This is how I dress, very colorful and fun! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!
I'm getting back on the blogging train, I miss it and I miss my bloggy friends.
I'm still at the farm, working hard and trying to stay calm.
So much going on, I'm not sure where to start but for now, I'm starting with this, I'm colorful, my granddaughter is adorable and life is good!


Back at home...

WOW, I'm in, up to a year in the works and I'm finally moved into the farm house.  A year of renovations, cleaning, picking colors, updates, unexpected expenses, a lot of alone time, craziness and changes. 

It's so much work when you do everything yourself and expensive when you have to pay everyone to help.  Which is exactly what I had to do. When push came to shove nobody wanted to help.  Yes, my son helped a tad, but as for my estranged husband and daughter, the answer was basically do it yourself and that is what I did, I did it myself.  The painting, I had to hire a couple of great guys and the second floor in the house came out perfect! I had to hire help to pack and clean because I'm working full time.  Working full time to pay everyone else!! I guess that is how it works. I have more to say about that, in a future post...

There is still so much to do with my old house, we are listing it in three weeks and the words my husband said today is "you will never get it done", again, alone and trying to get out of this mess I made.

My new mantra is "less is more" and I finally get it. Less is more...So here I sit, my dog, Buffy and me.  My son did move with me, only after my breakdown or he would have stayed in the big beautiful home with central air conditioning but he did come with me.  So apparently I'm not the loser mother I thought I was and claimed to be.  Like I said, it's been crazy.

My welcome home flowers from my niece. I moved out 28 years ago, when I was 28 years old, now I'm back 28 years later!  Same house, very peaceful, now it's time to heal.



The pictures aren't pretty...

Since the last I posted, so much has gone on...We (my mother, step father, son and his friend) went on vacation only to come home to my mother and step father getting very sick and both landing in the hospital.  The flight was just too much for them.  I am very glad that they are both very much better! 
Four weeks later, the house is really moving along. I have had electrical and plumbing work done.  The library in completed and the rooms are being painted. 
The huge project was the asbestos removal in the basement.  We had over 200 sq. feet on all the pipes.  The company came out and even though I thought the job was complete, when the state came out to look at their work, the asbestos removal company had to come back to do a re-do of the job.  Apparently, the first time they came out, it wasn't cleaned enough, now, the job is complete and I don't think the basement has ever looked so good for a partially dirt basement, built in 1730. 

The white wrapping on the pipes is the asbestos. 

 Not only did I not know what asbestos was, a builder had to tell me.  It was falling down too. A huge hazard.
 Creepy!! We have the added bonus of lots of cobwebs!
 All cleaned!

This may seem like nothing to a lot of people, but it's huge to me~Moving into the farm with my granddaughter and all my pets, I just want to make sure the house is as safe as possible!

Happy Cleaning!


What a difference a day makes

The blizzard of 2013...we were blessed with about 28" of snow but we never lost our lights!!  WOOHOO!
For a home built in C1730, it seems to with stand many storms!
The grounds are quite. 
 The old carriage house once stood here but it was lost in the 1986 fire.
 Even the horses and mini donkeys fared well in the storm.
Happy days!



Renovations are moving along...

The renovations are moving along...this old house is now getting a whole new look!! My Mom and Bernie have lived alone for 30 plus years and have accumulated a lot of stuff!!  I'm a clean freak so I'm in the process of cleaning out, organizing, and painting.  

So far, I have had the electrician in and put in several plugs and a new light in the hallway so that Bernie has more light.  I am having the asbestos removed from the basement next Thursday..more pictures to follow...the front hallway is being done over, plumbing is being fixed and my old bedroom is being repainted...

 The old pine floors are still in good shape!
 Lots of stuff..all put away now...
 More stuff...again, all put away, it's been hard cleaning because my Mom doesn't like to get rid of her stuff so I just cleaned it and put the items in their place.  The items that were old and stained, I threw out.  If her things had some life to them still, I just packed it up and put it away.
 My old wallpaper...My mother wallpapered my room when I was about 10 years.  I remember because it was a surprise and I over heard my parents talking about it and I was so upset that my surprise was not going to be a surprise!! It's funny the things I remember, but I still love this wallpaper! Happy Memories...

 Wallpaper is gone and because of the horse hair walls, the guys had to put up sheet rock.
The old radiators work!  I happen to love the moist heat!!

So much work but I love every little bit of it!  I can't wait to move in! 

Happy Cleaning!



Well, here we go AGAIN!!!  My tree project went south very fast, the tree never turned colors, it just lost it's leaves and fast.  I think it was all the rain we had.  I basically have no followers any more, so I'm doing this for myself, to see the many changes that my childhood home is about to undergo and how the changes will be awesome!  Very simple, very New England, very lovely and most of all, very peaceful.

 I am redoing my mother's home. I am moving into her home in the Spring of 2013 and I'm very excited!  It is going to be a long process of cleaning and to keep the memories alive, I'm going to blog about it!  This should be fun to write about and to read about it! 

This is the barn, not my new home!!  The house pictures will soon to follow!

The painters are starting tomorrow, Saturday (1/19)'s all going to be good.


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